Save Today, Invest for Tomorrow (Part 2)

Save Today, Invest for Tomorrow (Part 1)
How to stick to those wise money habits

Investing tips to take you through all the stages of your life.



  • Determine what your investment goals are
  • Research the different types of investment products and educate yourself about the securities industry –
  • Verify the legitimacy of the investment.
  • Deal only with registered financial institutions and intermediaries; visit














Benefits of investing in stocks:

  • Stock ownership takes advantage of a growing economy
  • You become a part owner of the company
  • Purchasing is easy to set up via a registered Broker-Dealer. Contact TTSEC for a list of registered Broker-dealers.
  • You can make your money grow by receiving Dividends and Capital Gains












Why invest in mutual funds?

  • Mutual funds pool participants’ money for investment
  • Funds are managed by professional investment fund managers
  • You are able to diversify your holdings and possibly reduce risk
  • You can choose a fund that buys the type of investments you are comfortable with



Four reasons to buy bonds

  1. Bonds can provide you with a steady flow of income as you will receive periodic interest payments
  2. You usually get your principal back once the bond has reached its maturity
  3. Bonds may do well when other types of investments do not, as they are generally considered less risky than other securities investments.














  • Keep  a record of all the information regarding your investment
  • Review your account statements
  • Pay attention to public announcements. You can also visit the TTSEC’s homepage for the latest news and announcements.
  • Get professional advice before you agree to exchange or sell your shares