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TTSEC and You

Who we are?

Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) is the regulator of the local securities market. The TTSEC’s primary roles are to protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices and foster the orderly growth and development of the local capital market, which includes the market for stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. 

The TTSEC was established in 1997, as a body corporate, by virtue of the Securities Industry Act of 1995. In December 2012, the SIA 1995 was repealed and replaced by the Securities Act (SA 2012). The Act was proclaimed by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on December 28, 2012 and came into operation on December 31, 2012. On September 10, 2014 the President assented to the Securities (Amendment) Act, 2014, which amended the Securities Act, 2012 (“SA 2012”).


To be an innovative regulator of a thriving securities market, enabling economic development for the benefit of all.


Instilling confidence in the securities market by protecting investors, promoting sustainable market growth, and reducing systemic risk, through collaboration and innovation.

How do we protect you?

Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (“TTSEC”)  is the regulatory body mandated to safeguard the interests of investors in Trinidad and Tobago.

We protect you by:

  • Registering all individuals involved in securities dealings. Before engaging in any securities transactions, consult our website ttsec.org.tt for the full list of registrants.
  • Ensuring market participants disclose to both the Commission and to potential investors, all information necessary to make informed investment decisions.
  • Investigating complaints related to securities activities, regardless of registration status.
  • Conducting routine market surveillance and on-site inspections of registrants’ operations.
  • Enforcing regulatory standards through the issuance of orders, guidelines, and by-laws.
  • Ensuring that registrants are operating in compliancewith the legislation.
  • Conducting a robust and comprehensive investor education programme designed to educate and promote an understanding by the public of the securities industry and the benefits, risks, and liabilities associated with investing.


For more information on the TTSEC, visit our corporate website: www.ttsec.org.tt.