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Step into the world of virtual trading with Investor Quest TT 2.0, an immersive stock market simulator designed to mimic real-world trading environments. Perfect your trading strategies and learn the nuances of the stock market without any financial risk.

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Enhancing Financial Literacy Through Simulation

Investor Quest TT 2.0: A Comprehensive Overview

Investor Quest TT 2.0, developed by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission in collaboration with the University of Trinidad and Tobago, represents a significant leap forward in financial education through gamification. Launched initially in 2019 and upgraded in 2022/23, this virtual stock market simulator offers users a realistic environment for trading stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The platform serves not only as an educational tool but also as a practical introduction to the dynamics of the stock market, aiming to demystify the complexities of financial investments. By engaging in this simulated environment, players gain firsthand experience in managing investment portfolios, understanding market fluctuations, and making strategic decisions that reflect real-world trading scenarios. The upgrade to version 2.0 has introduced enhanced features, improved user interface, and expanded educational content, all designed to provide a more immersive and instructive experience for users at all levels of financial literacy.

Register Your Account

Begin your journey on Investor Quest TT 2.0 by creating your personal account. Choose a broker dealer to handle your transactions and select a virtual career to add a personalized touch to your gameplay.

Choose Your Broker Dealer

Select from a list of certified broker dealers who will guide you through the buying and selling of securities. Remember, each transaction will incur a brokerage fee, so choose wisely to maximize your investment returns.

Embark on Your First Quest

With $25,000 in virtual currency, dive into the world of stock trading. Enhance your portfolio by making informed decisions and participating in mini-quests for additional rewards.

Expand Your Portfolio

Engage actively in the Twin Island Stock Exchange. Trade stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and watch your rankings improve as you make smart investment choices. Stay alert to market news and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Exciting Features of Investor Quest TT 2.0


Virtual Currency

Trade with $, a virtual currency that mirrors the real TT dollar, enhancing your trading experience without actual financial risk.


Bonus Questions

Earn additional virtual funds by answering bonus questions, designed to test and improve your market knowledge.



Participate in thrilling mini-quests throughout the game for a chance to win exclusive rewards and boost your portfolio.


Daily Transactions

Engage in daily trading activities to adjust and optimize your investment strategy, with updates reflecting every 24 hours.


News Alerts

Stay informed with real-time news alerts about the virtual stock market, helping you make informed decisions to manage market volatility.


Investment Risks

Understand the inherent risks of investing through simulated market dynamics, preparing you for real-world financial environments.

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Dive into the world of stock trading and unlock your potential with Investor Quest TT 2.0.