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TTSEC Commemorates International Youth Day 2017

Every year, on August 12, the world collectively acknowledges the importance and value of our youth.

Young people all over the world at different stages of development, existing in different socio-economic settings, aspire to fully participate in society. One means whereby the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) facilitates youth development is by educating them on the value of economic independence. According to ‘The World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement’, ‘the transition from youth to adulthood marks a key period characterized by greater economic independence, political involvement, and participation in community life.’

Within our socio-economic sphere, imparting basic money management skills such as: goal setting; planning and budgeting; and saving, on our youth, contribute towards their self-development and their ability to achieve economic independence.  












One of the core functions of the TTSEC is to educate the public (potential investors) about the Commission and the securities market with an aim to grow participation within this market. In order to achieve this mandate the Commission, via its Investor Education outreach programme, targets individuals in different age groups and life stages, and informs them about their saving and investment opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago.


Of significant importance is the Commission’s impact on our nation’s youth, as they are the ones to influence the way in which our future selves manage money and ultimately invest in our economy.









However, a young person’s ability to effectively progress relies heavily on the socioeconomic environment in which they live and the educational opportunities afforded to them to be able to tap into these saving and investment options.

The TTSEC, through its investor education outreach programme, aims to strengthen the national capacity of our youth and increase the quality and quantity of opportunities available to our young people for full, effective and constructive participation in society.

The Commission’s Investor Education programme is free to the public and anyone wishing to schedule an outreach session can send an email to ccei@ttsec.org.tt.