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TTSEC hosts Investor Education Webinar


The Commission continues to educate and empower consumers of financial products and potential investors

“Great webinar! Thank you.”

“I would like to commend the TTSEC on this initiative of Investor Education via Webinars. I think it is an excellent idea and I look forward to future webinars.”

“Dear TTSEC,

I applaud your initiative to educate current and potential investors. The information provided in this webinar was certainly useful, mildly entertaining and most importantly to the point. Well done.”

“Good day the webinar was very compact and informative. The speaker was engaging and not boring. However I did experience some technical difficulties such as static and loss of audio. I do hope to see further webinars and recorded sessions available to the public.”

These are some of the comments that the Corporate Communications, Education and Information Division received from members of the public after the TTSEC’s first Investor Education Webinar which took place on Wednesday July 03. To raise awareness of this Webinar, the Commission used traditional media such as radio Ads in addition to new media platforms such as Facebook Ads, sponsored messages and emails.

This free Webinar, which was conducted via the Go To Meeting platform, introduced participants to the fundamentals of saving and investing, types of investment instruments, rights and responsibilities as an investor and mechanisms to protect oneself against fraudulent investment schemes. Our analysis of the webinar showed that approximately 100 persons participated in the Webinar with the greatest participation coming from the 25-34 age group. Another interesting aspect of the post-launch analysis is the fact that 64 % of the participants were women and the majority of the participants were from North Trinidad. The Commission intends to do all in its power to ensure that more men participate in these financial education sessions and that persons from all parts of Trinidad and Tobago are present and willing to participate.

We will conduct more Webinars in the future which will focus on (but are not limited to) Financial Tips for Teens,  Financial Tips for Young Adults, Money Management in the Middle Years and Retirement Planning. Topics, such as the the role of a broker and how to make that first investment will also be included in subsequent sessions.

This first Webinar was posted to the our website and can be viewed via the following link: http://www.ttsec.org.tt/investor_resources.php?mid=96