No Carnival? Perfect time for a Carnival Financial Makeover

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No Carnival? No problem … We got You!

Carnival 2021 has officially been cancelled due to the pandemic. While some of us may be missing the usual festivities, some of us are also struggling with the financial impacts of  treating with the  virus. As such, now may be the opportune time for you to focus on  your personal finances, and we’re here to help!







We have sculpted  the perfect ‘Carnival Financial Makeover’  to allow  you to get back on track with your finances and get you ready for Carnival 2022!



Step 1 – Financial Makeover. Reflect –Get off on the right foot! Day one of our #financialmakeover! Reflect on your spending habits and see where you can cut back to save more for the things you want to do in the future.




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Step 2 – Boost your financial Knowledge with this FREE Investor Education session on Thursday February 18, 2021 LIVE from 11:30am-noon.

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Step 3: Cross the Stage – Pass with Flying Colours.

Class finished?  Check

Costume ready?  Check

Now its time to cross the stage! Take the free investor education online course and pass with flying colours!

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Step 4: the Las Lap

You’ve done the course and passed the class, now its time for one last victory lap. Follow the TTSEC’s platforms and share your experience with our Carnival Financial Makeover. Don’t forget to tag us!

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#Carnival2021 #reflect #makeover

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You know we must give you a remedy for your ‘ Carnival Tabanca’.So, what better way than to reflect on past Carnivals, by featuring some of our traditional characters.


Don’t let your blues go up in flames. Spend wisely- so you can save for your future goals.


The Jab Molassi – Blue Devil – one of the oldest forms of Devil Mas. He wears wings, horns, has a wire tail and carries a pitch fork and usually strikes fear in the hearts of both young and old. To avoid contact with him, many bystanders are willing to “Pay the Devil”.



Watch your Investments grow sky high, taking low risks in savings and higher risks in investments.

The Moko Jumbie – These characters take long strides and are balanced on stilts that can be from a height of 10-15 feet. They danced all day through the streets, collecting money on a plate.








Stop putting your money to the back. Protect your money! Educate yourself. Visit 

Dame Lorraine – Appears as a female dressed in the style of a rich planter’s wife. They poked fun not only at the elaborate festivities of the rich planters but also their physical infirmities. The big bottom and the big breasts were worn by mostly men but as of late, mostly women portray the character.








Don’t let scammers run away with your money like a thief in the night. Check with the TTSEC first.

The Midnight Robber – His unique speeches, called “Robber Talk”, are haughty invocations with origins from a variety of sources, including the Bible and other pieces of classical literature. Also known for his trademark whistle that he blows before he addresses his audience.







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