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  Easter in Trinidad and Tobago is always a special time for many as it symbolises a time of renewal and hope. As a lead up to Easter, some persons would have used this time to fast and abstain from some of their favourite things as a sign of sacrifice and to test their self-discipline. The Mutual Funds Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MFATT) would like to share with you, some of the ways individuals would have used this time […]

Give the gift of a Mutual Fund this Christmas.

Give the gift of a Mutual Fund this Christmas!   With Christmas fast approaching, every year we are all tasked with the responsibility of what gift to give our loved ones, and in particular, our children. While we generally gift toys or clothes, why not be a little innovative this year by giving a financial gift, one which can add long term value to your child’s life and teach them the value of money from a very tender age. If […]

No Carnival? Perfect time for a Carnival Financial Makeover

No Carnival? No problem … We got You! Carnival 2021 has officially been cancelled due to the pandemic. While some of us may be missing the usual festivities, some of us are also struggling with the financial impacts of  treating with the  virus. As such, now may be the opportune time for you to focus on  your personal finances, and we’re here to help!             We have sculpted  the perfect ‘Carnival Financial Makeover’  to allow […]

Investing 101 in T&T- Part 3 (Avoiding Scams)

  In our two previous Blogs we shared some of the tools that you can use to get started with investing, as a means of making your money work for you. We focused on  some of the available resources on our investor education website such as: a risk profile test, Investor Education Manual and Work Book and Online course, blog articles, life stages and our Investing Game, Investor Quest tt – We also discussed some of the key […]